Our Ethos

At Sumo Pan Asian, we want to bring you the very best of East Asian cooking so that you can experience for yourself the delights of this wonderful and unique cuisine. We were inspired by the street food bars of Asia and the array of dishes found in the bustling cities and towns across China, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan.

Our menus bring a modern twist to our unique style of oriental cooking, to take you on a culinary journey through Asia.

Experience the delights of our wonderful and inspirational cuisine.

Bringing the best Asian cooking to Beverley

Meet The Chef

All the dishes on our Sumo Pan Asian Menu are cooked to order and have been specially created by Gary Chin, our well travelled head chef from Malaysia. He is passionate about using only the best ingredients to capture the delicious flavours, textures and aromas of authentic East Asian dishes...

What Makes Sumo Pan Asian Different?

Our constant aim is to bring the best food to you. We make sure that offer foods that are cooked with less M.S.G., less Salt and Oil. We also aim to use more fresh vegetables and use Meats and Fish where we are able to know where they have come from.

The only things we don't scrimp on is the taste and flavour!!!